Huilax - a gentle wellness massage with hot oil
Tibetan singing bowls massage – sound bath
Hotstone - massage
Precious stone massage
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This massage is a wonderful occasion, to experience the healing power of precious stones on the skin.

You select a precious stone which intuitively inspires you and the massage will be done with this precious stone or in combination with Rose - quartz and rock – crystal.

This massage uses precious stones in the form of pencils, rods as well as pebble or spherical formed stones.

As all wellness massage, precious stone massage also allows time and space for relaxation and meditation.

Allow yourself be surprised – enjoy the variety of colour of the stones. If wished, a special set of chakra - stones can be used at the end of the session.

The massage is done directly on the skin, with or without oil.

Please allow 60 minutes for face, hands and back.

This massage can also be done at your home!

For a precious stone massage I ask 70 €.