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Hotstone - massage
Precious stone massage
About me

The massage with hot basalt stones is a pleasure for body, mind and soul.

The basalt stones are warmed up in hot water und then oiled. During the massage the stone can lie stationary on the body or moved around the body. This massage has a deep effect, which could even be cleansing.

As all applications with heat (mud, sauna, Turkish bath), it is advised not to plan greater activity after the massage, but allow the body time to rest, relax and feel the effects.

Prior to the first whole body massage it is useful to have an interview at the beginning, in order to discuss about your health and possible pains, so to know what parts of the body should be excluded from the application. You can of course check this with your doctor /practitioner beforehand.

Please allow 45 minutes for face and back. Please allow 90 minutes for a whole body massage. Plan additional time for the first interview, and plan additional time for rest and shower.

For hot stone massage I ask

(45 min) 50 €
(90 min) 95 €