Huilax - a gentle wellness massage with hot oil
Tibetan singing bowls massage – sound bath
Hotstone - massage
Precious stone massage
About me

The singing bowls are a fascinating instrument. I use vibration, the prickle on the skin, the warmth of the sounds, the oscillation, but also the weight of the bowl.

It is an adventure, to dive into this world of basic sounds. The bowls are produced from 5 to 12 different metals and can be used for meditation, sound bath, sound journey or massage.

The massage with singing bowls can be done on the body or close to the body. The bowls are however never put on bare skin; the sound goes through your clothes.

There is no song or orchestral sounds produced. It is the basic sound of each bowl which is used, to generate wellbeing, and relaxation. This massage is conducted in a sitting or lying down position.

It is a passive method of a very sensual relaxation.

I am qualified to give massages following the concept of Peter Hess. The bowls are from Peter Hess Production. An application for fair trade certification has been filed.

Please allow 45 minutes for a singing bowl massage.
Please allow
 75 minutes for a sound bath, it will be in combination with Didgeridoo, ocean drum, drum, and other.

For the singing bowl massage I ask 50 €.
For the sound bath I ask 75 €