Huilax - a gentle wellness massage with hot oil
Tibetan singing bowls massage – sound bath
Hotstone - massage
Precious stone massage
About me

Huilax is to take a bath in warm and gentle touching. The smooth and soft movements and hot oil stimulate the extremities of the nerve endings on the skin, our largest organ. This creates an atmosphere for feelings like wellbeing, protection; it is generating safety and trust.

Here you can allow yourself feel loose and relax.

It is a surface massage, and cannot replace the intervention of a physiotherapist or osteopath. It is more like a massage for the soul.

The oils used are pure, not perfumed nor blended with other oils. The oil can stay on the skin.

If desired, the head and skull can be included (dry or with oil).

Please allow 30 minutes for back and hands.
Please allow 90 minutes for a whole body massage.

Plan some time for a rest and if needed a shower.

For huilax I ask

(30 minutes) 50 €
(90 minutes) 95 €